Who We Are

Our squad is currently full, but openings do happen every so often.
That said, we do have certain expectations of our members.

    • When you are in a war, you will fight to the best of your abilities.
    • You will fight the highest level opponents you can manage.
    • You recognize the advantage of outposts.
    • You will help defend the outposts.
    • You will listen and learn from our strategies.
    • Some wars are high level. Some are low level.
      You might not be in every war.
    • If you disappear without asking for a break, you will be dropped.
    • You must ask for breaks and they must be reasonable.
    • Your squad center should be no more than 1 level behind your HQ.
    • All other buildings should be within 2 levels of your HQ.
    • Except for walls. People run through walls like butter anyway.
    • Read them. Honor them.
    • If you screw up, own it and apologize.
    • Ignoring them repeatedly is a good way to get booted.
    • We are a multinational squad, but we still need to communicate.
    • Please be able to read/write basic English for this purpose.
    • If you never respond/react to squad chat you probably won’t last long.